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I suppose since my English BA background is in 19th and 20th Century literature, I’m not often tempted to read very many contemporary works of fiction. Other than Neil Gaiman, I think I stay pretty faithful to the greats of history.

I guess I can only hope that my little reviews won’t just be reiterating what people already think about these books. Obviously they’ve been classified under “Classics” for a reason.

I should make a fair portion of my to-read list forced contemporary, just so I can stay in touch with today’s world and stop delving into the past.

In that tone, the Liar’s Club by Mary Karr is a really hard book to get into. Its not hard in the writing style, or plot. Its a memoir and the writing style is short of jumpy, and as crazy as her family is, my attention wanders from the book frequently.

Its an honest book. I don’t think the author sat down to write this memoir with the intention of being poetic about or sugarcoating her childhood. I appreciate the fact that someone else had a dysfunctional childhood in a dysfuntional family. Those stories are the most fun to read anyways.

3 responses to “Reads and reviews

  1. Read and review what you like, us readers won’t mind, too much….
    Enjoy your reading and your blogging, that’s what counts on here.

  2. I very rarely pick up a contemporary novel. I read mostly “the classics” or books that have been given or lent to me. Besides, most of the really good contemporary books are all being made into movies now–which is good for me, because then I can take in the story in one 2 hour sitting, and go back home to read my old classics. : )


  3. Of course, book to movie format, rarely works, at least for the book lover in us. Enjoy your classics. I just added Plato to my list.

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