Daily Archives: February 5, 2008

HG Wells

There is something unique about HG Wells in that he is one of the most boring, yet provocative writers of his time. His imagination cannot be questioned. His ideas are very unique and progressive in context of the era which he lived in. Born in 1866 he lived through a long line of technological progression and societal evolution, throughout the world. In the US, the Civil War had ended and Reconstruction was just beginning. Women and black men were given the rights to vote, WWI and WWII occured during his lifetime.

Wells wrote War of the Worlds in 1898, just before the turn of the century. Who would think that what he wrote then, of the brutality and precision of the Martians would be relfected in future wars (Nazi Germany maybe?).

His novels are always in the POV of the narrator, and even under extreme measure of duress, the narrator always maintains a calm persona, and is almost always more percetive than authority figures. Is this some kind of commentary? Am I just missing something?

As an English Undergrad, the only HG Wells book I read was The Time Machine. The world of the Morlocks that Wells created was so detailed, and so is the blind faith of the mutilated creatures of Dr. Moreau’s Island. Wells seems to pit humanity against assumed savages, and makes the reader question if being human really equates with superiority, and I don’t think that it does. Humans are humans, we are not mini-Gods put on the Earth to judge, destroy, or alter with nature. We should be a part of it, not trying to obliterate it.